Sinead’s Story

I left my ex-partner after 4 years, I had tried many times before but hadn’t had the courage to leave him. This meant I walked out of my own council flat and made myself homeless and the council wouldn’t house me again. I stayed with family and friends for a couple of months but my mum’s was overcrowded with my 4 brothers so I decided to see if I could get a place at Albert Street. It meant getting here every day at 6.45am to try and see if there was a vacancy but I eventually moved in.

It was hard living here at first as it felt like I was living in people’s pockets, sharing communal facilities was really difficult for me as I had been used to having my own place. It felt quite volatile because of the mix of people, I hadn’t had chance for a long time to let my hair down so needed to get it out of my system, I started partying and drinking until all times of the night. I was a right bitch, horrible, a nightmare and I fell out with other residents.

I realised that I didn’t want to be like that  so I have calmed down now and am getting back into a routine, I want to get back into work in either catering or customer service. I haven’t worked for 2 years so I want to start with something that is familiar to me, then I would like to get my own place, perhaps private rented. Somewhere I can call my own.

Solas have helped me to get back on my feet again, I have just passed the OCN cookery course and have been taking part in volunteering at the allotments and a beach clean up. I have also been involved in The Loop with Solas and have taken part in interviewing prospective Project Work Staff for a new scheme opening this year. I also helped out at a recent open day where I helped to cater for the event and then serve refreshments on the day. This is about getting back to a normal life again without all the bad stuff, I am learning about boundaries and getting on with my neighbours, there are people out there with more issues or worse off than I am.