Jamie’s Story

I was living abroad with an ex-girlfriend but it wasn’t working out, I decided to come back home to Newport but my Mum and Dad had lost their home because of not keeping up with the mortgage, it got repossessed and I had nowhere to go. I went to the housing office in Newport and they helped me to find a room at Clifton Place. This is the second time I have lived here, the first time around was because I had been in a fight with my dad, he could be quite violent, I only stayed a week and ended up going back home and just kept out of my dad’s way.

There are loads of benefits to living with Solas, they put on courses that I have attended like cookery and budgeting and encourage you to get out and do things in the community. They make sure there are things to keep you occupied, to keep people off the street and out of trouble. I have been attending a course in construction; painting and decorating, refurbishment and handy man skills at the local share centre. My real dream is to get into the marines. I dropped out of school at 15 but tried to get in the army at 16, they turned me down because I had a history of self harm and they thought I would be a risk. I self harmed after witnessing my sister do it, she got admitted to a psychiatric unit, I regret it now. I tried again at 18 but they turned me down because of a tattoo on my hand.

I have now passed the pre-joining fitness tests for the Marines and have paid for laser removal of my tattoo, the medical now deems my previous self harming to no longer be a risk so I am on my way to getting my dream, I just have to complete the PRMC and then I should be signed up. I am very determined and have worked hard to get what I want but I have to thank Solas for some of that.

Solas needs more support to help more people achieve their goals, every penny goes a long way, they put money towards activities and every little helps. I would ask people to make a donation so they can do even more.