Skirrid Mountain – Training walk 2

by solas

The second of your training walks, the Skirrid proved to be a deceptively tall mountain, from the carpark at the base all you can see is a forest with a small peak visible just above.

Taking to the path the team of intrepid walkers began their ascent, up through the forest, listening to the bird song.

Stopping at a few places to the being to take in the view, we continued to move along, by the time you leave the trees behind you have already climbed half way.

There were walkers of different experiences, some confident walked ahead, and others taking in the sights (and their breaths) followed up behind, but everyone achieving the equal goal of climbing the Skirrid.

“I really enjoyed the walk, its fantastic to get out and do something positive. And to see these amazing views! Its worth all the effort to get up here”

–           Dale

“This one was easier than the last one, I think I’m getting fitter!”

–           Service User

The decent ended up being quicker than expected, due to the incoming lightning storm, causing Tim to question the use of a selfie stick to film the incoming storm.

Everyone made it back down safely before the storm arrived, but witnessed some amazing sights watching it from afar.

Bring on The Blorenge in two weeks time!

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