Moving Mountains – First on the list… Sugar Loaf Mountain

by solas

Our first Moving Mountains training walk took place for The Fan Dance challenge last week, as residents took on the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Abergavenny. Clients came from all different schemes and participated well with everyone managing to make the top.

Moving Mountains is 10 week programme, working with homeless individuals living in hostels and vulnerable young people. Participants commit to three weekly training sessions and a mountain walk every other week.

The course culminates in The Fan Dance, a gruelling 24km non-navigational race over two sides of Pen Y Fan.

This infamous route has long been a part of SAS (Special Air Service) selection and is considered the yardstick of a candidate’s potential to ultimately pass the Special Forces Selection programme.

The Moving Mountains programme is a part of our #BackOnMyFeet campaign, Check it out!

Feedback was positive throughout, with the clients all enjoying it and saying they cant wait for the next walk.

“ I cant believe I have managed to do this walk, I feel so much better about myself”

“ I was paranoid and anxious before the walk, however I now feel relaxed and didn’t realise how positive walking could be for my mental health”

There has been plenty of enthusiasm from our clients, with more and more signing up to The Fan Dance Challenge in July.

“After seeing the fitness levels of the participating clients, I am positive that we will be able to concur Pen y Fan in a few months. We will be entering to complete the race, but won’t be rushing it too much. It will be a massive victory for everyone, just to be able to see the race through.” Jon Burgess, Healthy living and active lifestyles co-ordinator, Solas.

Jon adds “Alongside the mountain walks, clients are attending the gym and attending Street Football Wales training sessions. Alongside this we also have clients attending rugby and doing a lot of other exercise based activities.”

Next mountain… May Skirrid  (486m)

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