Bed For Life

It’s the end of a long day and all you want to do is go to bed, but what if you don’t have one?

Something as simple as going to bed every night is often taken for granted.

Potentially, we are all just a few steps away from being homeless. A relationship breakdown or losing your job, if you don’t have a friend to stay with or family to fall back on, where would you turn?

Solas are there for people without a safety net.

Throughout June our Bed For Life campaign aims to build understanding of ways we can support people without a home and to raise funds for practical prevention, allowing us to break the cycle of homelessness ultimately resulting in people securing their own Bed For Life.

We’re not about providing short term fixes…We offer more than a bed for the night.

Providing a safe place to stay is just the beginning, we support people to move from day-to-day survival to living life to the full. We do this by supporting people to develop the skills they need to move on from homelessness and by helping people realise their aspirations to make their own Bed For Life.

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Donate to Bed For Life assets-02

We rely on private donations and public funding to support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, we are asking you to donate whatever you can afford to our Bed For Life campaign.

You can donate to our charity by clicking the purple donate buttons or by texting BEDS00 (BEDS zero zero) followed by the amount you wish to donate, to 70070.

You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

As an example, to donate £5, you would text the following to 70070: BEDS00 £5

All the money you donate goes to us, and your network provider does not charge you for the SMS you send to make the donation.

Donating to our cause will help us to prevent homelessness and find people their Bed For Life.

We don’t have a target amount that we are aiming to raise, but would like to try and raise as much as we possibly can.

What does your bed mean to you?

Using Twitter or Facebook , take a selfie in your Bed For Life and explain what your bed means to you. #BedForLife

Nominate a friend and help us to raise awareness and break the cycle of homelessness. The more people willing to donate to our cause the more people we can support into a bed of their own.

#Bedforlife on the road

How your Donations help assets-02

We support vulnerable people to overcome their problems and rebuild their lives. Helping them not only to survive but to thrive, therefore stopping them from falling back through the revolving door of homelessness.

Solas offers support to people facing a variety of problems. We provide education, training and volunteering opportunities as well as support for people to gain key life skills to get their lives back on track.

£3 provides a meal and basic toiletries for someone who has been living on the street.

£5 supports the development of a weekly education and training programme.

£10 will buy a ‘move in’ pack of essential items for people who have been homeless such as bedding and towels.

Move On Pack

The majority of people we support come to us with just a few personal possessions and little to no experience in managing a home or job.

Your donations give these people the training and vital tools they need to survive and sustain themselves once they move on from us, which means they don’t fall back into homelessness.

£65 will support someone to move into their own home by providing them with a ‘move on’ pack, containing a kettle, toaster and kitchen equipment.





Get in touch, send us an email #BedForLife