Deputy Health Minister Vaughan Gething Visit’s ‘Footsteps To Recovery’

by solas

Spectrum House in Cardiff had a visit from Vaughan Gething AM, Deputy Minister for Health who came to announce a £50million funding boost for substance misuse services in Wales.

The Deputy Minister met with a packed room of service users and learned how Solas’ ‘Footsteps to Recovery’ programme provides people in recovery with a bespoke package of support, including structured therapeutic support, practical and diversional support and peer support.

Charlotte Waite, Solas’ Diretcor of Adult Services said:

“This extra funding will help services like Footsteps to Recovery reach out to groups we know will benefit from the unique model of support we offer. Footsteps to Recovery is a partnership approach to supporting people through recovery that has already turned lives around.

By offering a ‘pick and mix’ of structured and unstructured support we can provide each individual with exactly the support they need, shaped by their needs and goals. Because we have been allowed to innovate and be creative, we’ve created a package of support that is flexible enough to support anybody experiencing substance misuse problems.”

Mr Gething said:

“The misuse of drugs, alcohol or other substances is still one of the most devastating ways in which people can harm themselves, their families and the communities in which they live. We are determined to tackle it.”

BBC and ITV Wales came to cover the visit which featured prominently on the TV news, a measure of the level of public interest in funding for these vital services. You can read the BBC online story here.




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