Deputy Health Minister Opens Solas’ Dyfrig House

by solas

Solas‘ lifeline service providing specialist accommodation and support for homeless people with alcohol or substance misuse problems in Cardiff, was opened by Vaughan Gething,Deputy Minister for Health and The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor David Walker.

Dyfrig House has been transformed into 21 self-contained bedrooms with private en-suite toilet and shower facilities,  which encourages and supports residents’ progression to independent living.

Rhian Stone, Director of Solas,  said:

“Alcohol and substance misuse can have devastating effects on individuals, their families, and their communities”.

“Dyfrig House is a fantastic example of a modern, high standard service which is making a real life-changing difference to the people supported there.  As one resident remarked ‘this is not a hostel, this is therapy’.”

“It is testament to the partnership between Solas, Cardiff City Council and the Welsh Government that we have been able to make this happen”.

One of the few ‘dry’ homeless services in Cardiff, Dyfrig House has enabled thousands of people to tackle their addictions, since opening in 1967. Dyfrig House offers first class accommodation, care and treatment, supporting individuals in a comfortable environment where they feel safe in the knowledge they share a mutual goal of alcohol and substance abstinence.

Since reopening early in 2015 the newly refurbished Dyfrig House is proving extremely popular with service users and professionals because of the individually tailored therapeutic support model that it offers.

Lee Sutcliffe, former alcohol and substance addict owes his life to the support he has found at Dyfrig House “I was basically killing myself. I lost my whole life along with my integrity. I just needed safety and for somebody to care and Solas did. I was made to feel safe straight away which I hadn’t felt in a very long time. When you come in this building it makes you feel like you want to become better than what people have said you are. Solas is enabling me to get my life back when nobody else would help me do that. It’s a very very special place indeed.”

In an environment with pressures on the social care budget and potential reduction in the Supporting People Programme, Dyfrig House offers a vital lifeline for people in greatest need whilst reducing the financial impact on health and social services budgets.

Deputy Minister Vaughan Gething said:

“Dyfrig House is a great example of the commitment in Wales to providing support to address the complex needs of homeless people with drug and alcohol-related issues, as having a home is a vital component of an individual’s recovery journey.

“It is a modern, high-standard homeless service, which makes a life-changing difference to the people supported here and offers a lifeline for people in the greatest need.”

With a high proportion of homeless people with alcohol or drug problems also living with physical or mental health problems,  Solas are anticipating an increase in numbers of people with Alcohol Related Brain Damage at the service.

Dyfrig House was relaunched on 19th November at an event organised with residents and showcased to guests including The Deputy Health Minister, The Lord Mayor of Cardiff David Walker, Local Councillors, Local Authority, Cardiff and Vale Health Board and guests from other key agencies integral to the continued success of Dyfrig House.


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