The People We Support

Engagement and Participation

Solas are committed to giving a voice to the people we support to enable them to purposefully influence the way their support and accommodation is provided and to be consulted and engaged in shaping the organisations present and future.

Our Resident Involvement Strategy sets out our commitment to provide genuine opportunities for people Solas supports to be fully involved in the running and shaping of their services, and to also ensure that we have made all reasonable efforts to encourage them to take advantage of these opportunities.

The Loop Network Task Group is a representative group of people we support working together with the Solas Board to plan the strategic direction of Solas and to drive continuous improvement of the services we provide.

The Loop task groups are committed to the values, objectives and principles of Solas and have volunteered their time to participate in task groups and give their views to help shape and develop our service. Task groups are formed by individuals that have a wide range of skills and experiences to offer, that enable them to be excellent representatives on behalf of the people Solas supports

Loop task groups attend planning days, visit external organisations to promote Solas’ services, help recruit new staff, and provide a through flow of information back and forth between the people we support and Solas staff.

If you would like to seek further information or would like to consult with a task group on a particular subject please contact Louise West email

Watch out for regular updates from The Loop Task Group on Solas’s blog.