Our Values & Objectives

At Solas we believe in the people we support, we work to provide as many opportunities as possible for people who are vulnerable, homeless or at risk of homelessness to access permanent settled accommodation, participate in meaningful activity, undertake new experiences and to develop their skills through creative learning and personal development. We apply a solutions focussed approach to our work and believe every person has strengths and qualities that we can support them to build on. We encourage people to have aspirations and work towards their personal goals.

Our Values

Our values and behaviours were created from hundreds of conversations between Pobl staff and customers about what really matters. To all of us. Together. They define what it means to be a Pobl person and are present in everything we do: every service, every outcome and every interaction along the way.

Our Objectives

  • To always be person centred – this is embodied in individual support plans and a continuity of support
  • To always involve the people we support in the decision making processes and the strategic direction of the group
  • To provide a range of high quality services and accommodation for vulnerable people to ensure their independence; emotional and physical wellbeing and economic stability
  • To support people to independent living and enable them to live positive lives within their own communities
  • To support people for as long as required, and try never to exclude
  • To provide a range of holistic services to help prevent homelessness; social exclusion and worklessness
  • To provide creative and inclusive solutions for education and training at all levels of educational attainment
  • To provide new and life changing experiences that will have a positive impact on the lives of the people we support

We work in response to the people we support, their feedback and input helps us to create services that really make a difference to people’s lives. We are also responsive to the changing economical and political climate, by ensuring we are aware of challenges faced by the people we support we change and develop our services accordingly.