Young People’s Services

Young People’s Services

All young people’s services across Solas benefit from high quality and flexible accommodation solutions, experienced and well trained staff and a solutions focussed approach to support. We encourage all of the people we support to have a say about the services that they live in and actively encourage young people to get involved in the many engagement activities that take place weekly at all of our schemes.

Hales House

Our 21 bed scheme for young people aged 16-25, residents from this dynamic service founded Solas’s H2H scheme and residents along with staff continue to provide innovative solutions to accommodation and support for young people. The scheme is staffed 24 hours a day with each person having their own individual support worker. Referrals to the scheme come via the local authority.

Hill House, Chepstow

This 8 bed scheme for young people aged 16-25 provides accommodation and support in a homely environment. Its cosy and friendly approach enables young people to feel at home and to work closely with their key worker on their personal goals to enable them to move on to independent living. We have recently opened ‘Sunnyside House’ next door to Hill House, this scheme provides move on accommodation in the form of two x 2 bed flats and 1 independent flat. Its close proximity to the scheme enables young people moving on to still benefit from the support that Solas provides.

Woodstock House, Abergaveny

Our 12 bed scheme for young people aged 16-25, this scheme is provides valuable supported accommodation in this rural community. Staffed 24 hours a day young people are supported to set their own goals and work in a solutions focused way to achieve them.

The Countryman, Caerphilly

Solas opened The Countryman in 2012, it is 14 bed scheme for young people aged 16-25, providing medium to low support accommodation. The Countryman was until recently a hotel, surrounded by fields and countryside it provides a unique alternative to urban based accommodation schemes. Residents participate in activities that would not be possible in other schemes due to its unique rural location.

Cluster accommodation

Solas operates a wide variety of ‘move on’ or ‘Cluster’ style accommodation, these are shared or independent flats with low levels of support that provide the next step for many young people before making the full transition into independent living.